Web Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans

Open Your Website to the World: Discover ProtozoaHost's Shared Hosting for Just रू99/Month. Perfectly Suited for Beginners and Growing Businesses!

Cloud Hosting

Skyrocket Your Online Performance: ProtozoaHost's Cloud Hosting at Just रू150/Month for 3 Years. Perfect for Growing Businesses Seeking Stability and Speed!

Python Node Hosting Plans

Launch Your Projects with Confidence: Python and Node.js Hosting, Featuring CloudLinux Selector, from Just रू1999/Year. For Developers Aiming High!

Business Hosting plans

Power Your Business Forward: Premium Managed Hosting with Enhanced Resources from Just रू499/Month. Experience Reliability and Exceptional Support!

WordPress Hosting Plans

Dive into the Digital Space: Experience ProtozoaHost's WordPress Hosting from Just रू1999/Year. Ideal for Crafting and Growing Your Online Presence!

WordPress Pro Hosting

Upgrade to WordPress Excellence: Pro Plans Starting at रू6999/Year with Enhanced Resources for Advanced Users. Perfect for Elevating Your Site's Capabilities!

Nepali Web Hosting

Home Advantage Online: Experience Lightning-Fast Loading with Our Local Data Center. Enjoy the Lowest Ping for Unmatched Speed and Connectivity!

Reseller Hosting Plans

cPanel Reseller Hosting

Accelerate Your Hosting Business: Launch with cPanel Reseller Plans Starting at Just रू1099/Month. Gain the Power to Resell Hosting Services Seamlessly!

VPS & Servers

Unmanaged VPS

Take Charge with Unmanaged VPS: Plans Starting at Just रू999/Month. Customize Your Hosting Environment Your Way!

Managed VPS

Experience Premium Performance: Managed VPS Plans Start at Only रू1999/Month. Elevate Your Hosting Experience Today!

Storage VPS

Secure Your Data with Storage VPS: Backup Plans Starting at Only रू999/Month. Protect Your Information with Confidence!

Windows VPS

Windows VPS: Unlock the Power of Windows at रू4999/Month. Elevate Your Performance and Efficiency Today!

Nepal Based Cloud VPS

Take Charge with Unmanaged VPS: Plans Starting at Just रू999/Month. Customize Your Hosting Environment Your Way!


Search Domain

Discover Your Perfect Domain: Find Your Ideal Name with Ease!

Transfer Domain to ProtozoaHost

Seamless Domain Migration: Transfer Your Domain Hassle-Free!

Explore Domain Pricing

Get Pricing Transparency: Easily Compare Domain Prices for Your Perfect Choice!

#1 Best Web Hosting Provider in Nepal

Discover your perfect online space with Protozoa Host's Web Hosting Solutions

Hosting for All: Find Your Fit and Reach Out for Personalized Support

15-day money-back guarantee**

Web Hosting Services

Need Reseller Web Hosting?

Premier Web Hosting Plans

Seamless, Scalable, Secure: Web Hosting Tailored for Success

Shared Web Hosting

Starting From Only

रू. 99.00/mo

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Get started with Shared Web Hosting at only ₹99.99/mo. Easy cPanel management and great savings with code ‘PROTO30’.

WordPress Hosting

Starting From Only

रू. 1999/year

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Launch your WordPress site for just ₹1999/year. Enjoy optimized performance and save big with ‘PROTO30’

Python & Node.js Hosting

Starting From Only

रू. 249.00/mo

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Develop with Python & Node.js Hosting from ₹249/mo. Fast, reliable, and now 30% off with ‘PROTO30’.

Windows Plesk Hosting

ASP.NET Starting From Only

रू. 99.00/mo

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Seamless Windows Solutions: Power Your ASP.NET Apps with Plesk at ₹99.00/mo. Simplify with cPanel and save with ‘PROTO30’.

Cloud Hosting

Starting From Only

रू. 150/mo

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Cloud Power, Unbeatable Price: Starting at ₹150/mo on a 3-year plan. Experience robust hosting with our advanced cloud solutions.

Business Hosting

Starting From Only

रू. 499/mo

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Supercharge Your Business: Gain High CPU Access and robust performance with Business Hosting, from just ₹499/mo. Use ‘PROTO30’ for savings.

Technologies Used By Our Web Hosting Services

Integrating Top Technologies for Unmatched Hosting Performance and Reliability

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ProtozoaHost's Web Hosting Advantage

Unleashing Success with Premier Web Hosting in Nepal.


Best Web Hosting Features

Experience Advanced Web Hosting with ProtozoaHost

Protozoa Host & cPanel™: Simplifying Web Hosting

Effortless Control, Advanced Features – Web Hosting Made Easy

cPanel™: The Ultimate Web Hosting Dashboard

Discover the myriad of features that set cPanel hosting apart

When you opt for Protozoa Host for your web hosting needs in Nepal, every feature and tool we offer is carefully chosen to ensure top-notch performance, unbeatable security, and an easy-to-use experience. Step into a realm of digital mastery with us, and let our complete hosting solutions be the foundation of your online triumph.

Ultimate Data Protection: Remote Backups with Protozoa Host

Experience Peace of Mind with Secure, Remote Backup Solutions in Nepal

cPanel & JetBackup – A Fusion of Excellence

Dive into the synergized power of cPanel and JetBackup

Free Backups for Complete Digital Safety: Choose Protozoa Host for web hosting in Nepal and enjoy the assurance our full-scale backup solutions offer. Every domain within our hosting environment receives detailed attention, with content, emails, and databases securely encrypted and stored. Our approach to web hosting is holistic, prioritizing comprehensive data security for every client.

Protozoa Host is more than just a hosting provider; we’re crafting a digital ecosystem where growth, security, and flexibility are key. Each service we offer is designed to enhance both SEO and user experience, propelling your site to the forefront of Nepal’s online world.

Learn with Us: Expert Insights and Tutorials

Unlock Your Potential with Our Curated Knowledge Resources

Our Blog

Explore Deeper: Immerse yourself in our comprehensive collection of written guides and articles, meticulously crafted to bolster your understanding and proficiency. Our blog stands as a beacon for those seeking to delve into the intricacies of web hosting, digital marketing, website development, and beyond. Each post is designed not just to inform but to inspire, providing you with the latest trends, actionable tips, and in-depth tutorials. Whether you're a beginner aiming to set up your first website or a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills, our blog is your ultimate resource for reliable, up-to-date information that can transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

Our YouTube Videos

Visual Learning: Step into our visual classroom with YouTube tutorials that bring learning to life. Our channel is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering everything from detailed step-by-step guides to engaging discussions on technology and web hosting. These videos are crafted to break down complex concepts into manageable, understandable segments, making them ideal for visual learners and anyone looking to enhance their technical skills. Experience a dynamic way of learning; see real-life applications, get expert tips, and stay ahead of the curve in the fast-evolving digital landscape. Subscribe to our channel and join a community of learners who are passionate about leveraging technology to create, innovate, and succeed.

Your Web Hosting in Nepal Is Our Commitment.

This isn’t merely a catchphrase — it’s our guiding principle. At ProtozoaHost, we take on the intricacies of your web hosting needs, ensuring you get the best web hosting in Nepal, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – innovation, creation, and expansion. With our dedicated hosting in Nepal support team, you’re assured swift solutions for any inquiries or challenges related to wordpress hosting, reseller hosting, or domain registration in Nepal. Dive into the realm of superior hosting in Nepal with ProtozoaHost – your unwavering digital ally.

web hosting

Explore our cPanel Demo
Learn why it is the preferred tool for easy server management.

cPanel is a Linux-based control panel used to conveniently manage your web hosting. The system operates similarly to a desktop application. With cPanel, you can perform actions from a user-friendly dashboard instead of running complex commands.

Plesk Obsidian Control Panel with Plesk Hosting, Windows Hosting (ASP.NET Hosting)

Explore Plesk Hosting Control Panel

Discover effortless management with Protozoa Host, your go-to for Plesk Hosting, ASP.NET Hosting, and Windows Hosting. Tailored for Dot Net and ASP.NET applications, our solutions simplify your Windows Server operations, ensuring a smooth, secure, and efficient hosting experience.

ASP .NET Hosting Application

Experience streamlined ASP.NET projects with ProtozoaHost, where Plesk Windows Hosting combines ease, performance, and security. Elevate your hosting with our integrated Plesk, ASP.NET, and Windows solutions.

Php Support

Elevate your web projects with ProtozoaHost's Plesk Hosting, offering seamless PHP support alongside robust ASP.NET and Windows Hosting solutions. Enjoy enhanced performance and reliability for your PHP-based websites

Wordpres Management Tool

Optimize your WordPress sites with ProtozoaHost's Plesk Hosting, featuring dedicated support, easy installations, and auto-updates. Our integrated Plesk, ASP.NET, and Windows Hosting solutions ensure a dependable and scalable

Dockers Containers

Embrace ProtozoaHost's Plesk Hosting with Docker support for streamlined container management. Our integrated Plesk, ASP.NET, and Windows Hosting solutions offer scalability and efficiency for all your hosting demands.

Lravel Application

Optimize your Laravel applications effortlessly with ProtozoaHost's Plesk Hosting. Experience enhanced performance, secure hosting, and a smooth development process, specifically tailored for your Laravel projects.

Git Version Control

Streamline your development workflow with ProtozoaHost's Plesk Hosting, featuring seamless Git integration. Harness the power of efficient version control and collaborative coding, making your development process smoother and more productive.

Your Online Success is Our Goal at Protozoa Host
At Protozoa Host, we do more than just host websites. We’re here to help your online dreams succeed in Nepal. We know how important your website is to you, whether it's for your business, your personal blog, or a project you’re passionate about. That's why we offer fast servers, strong security, and all the tools and help you need. We want to make sure your website works well and gets noticed. Our team is always ready to support you, giving you advice and solutions that fit exactly what you need in Nepal.

Unrivaled Support Services at Protozoa Host: Always There for You

We’re not just your web hosting provider; we’re your digital journey’s companion, offering a helping hand every step of the way 🌟. With a heartwarming Nepali vibe, our support team embodies the spirit of hospitality and warmth that Nepal is known for. We understand that navigating the online world can be daunting, whether you’re setting up your first website or managing a growing online business. That’s where our unparalleled support services come into play, ensuring you have the expertise and guidance needed at every turn. Our team is here 24/7, ready to answer your questions, solve challenges, and offer advice with the friendliness and approachability that’s deeply rooted in our Nepali culture.

Sign Up with Protozoa Host

In the vast, vibrant canvas of the internet, Protozoa Host is your ally in weaving vision into reality. Let's together spin a tale of triumph, crafting it one byte after another. Embark on a journey with a partner who cherishes your aspirations just as deeply as you do. Join Protozoa Host today and turn your digital dreams into tangible successes. 🌟

Lightning-Fast Websites with LiteSpeed Web Server at Protozoa Host

LiteSpeed Web Server not only enhances the speed but also bolsters security and efficiency, making it the backbone of our hosting services. Whether you’re running a blog, an e-commerce platform, or a business website, you’ll benefit from LiteSpeed’s advanced features like built-in caching and security measures. With Protozoa Host, you’re not just getting a hosting provider; you’re getting a performance powerhouse that elevates your site’s potential. Choose Protozoa Host and LiteSpeed for a seamless, swift, and secure online presence.

Easy Web Hosting for Everyone

Are you a student, startup founder, or running a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME)? Maybe you’re an educator in need of a reliable educational website, or a professional looking to showcase your CV online? If so, shared web hosting by Protozoa Host is tailored just for you. In the bustling digital sphere of Nepal, having an online presence is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. And that’s where our shared web hosting services shine. They provide an affordable, efficient, and reliable online foundation for a variety of websites, including static sites, landing pages, and more.
#1 Web Hosting in Nepal

Why Choose Protozoa Host for Web Hosting in Nepal?

Go with Protozoa Host and enjoy web hosting services that are a cut above the rest in Nepal, featuring free hosting options, the best support around, and excellent Plesk hosting solutions. Dive into your online journey, backed by the best! 🌐🌟

UltraFast Hosting: Secure & Speedy Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services Reimagined: Peak Performance, Paramount Security, and Persistent Reliability - Elevating Your Online World, Without Compromise.

Web Hosting Plans

Starting From Only

रू. 1199.00/year

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Find Your Ideal Web Hosting Plan: Customized, Cost-Effective, Starting from रू99.00/mo. Elevate Your Site Today.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Starting From Only

रू. 1999.00/year

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Unlock WordPress Success: Premium Hosting from रू1999/yr. Fast, Secure, and Ready for Growth.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Starting From Only

रू. 1099/month

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Scale Your IT Empire: Corporate-Grade Reseller Hosting from रू1999/yr. Partner with Excellence for Unmatched Growth.

VPS Hosting Plans

Starting From Only

रू. 999.00/mo

Save 20% Extra Upon Annual Purchase"

Dive into the Future: VPS Hosting for Advanced Performance, Starting at Just रू999/mo. Tailored for Tech Pioneers.

Nepal Based Hosting Plans

Starting From Only

रू. 299.00/mo

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Local Strength, Global Reach: Nepal-Based Hosting from रू299/mo. Elevate Your Online Presence.

Windows Plesk Hosting

ASP.NET Starting From Only

रू. 1199.00/mo

Save 30% Extra Using Promo "PROTO30"

Seamless Windows Solutions: Power Your ASP.NET Apps with Plesk at ₹99.00/mo.


What is Web Hosting and How Does It Apply to Web Hosting in Nepal?

Web hosting is the service that allows individuals and businesses to post a website or web page onto the Internet. In Nepal, where digital presence is becoming increasingly crucial, web hosting services provide the technologies and support needed to ensure that a site is accessible and reliable. At ProtozoaHost, we offer comprehensive web hosting solutions 🌐 designed to meet the diverse needs of the Nepali market, from personal blogs to large-scale business websites. Our services ensure that, regardless of your technical expertise, you can easily manage your online presence with the best web hosting tools and support.

Why Should I Choose ProtozoaHost for Web Hosting in Nepal?

ProtozoaHost stands out as a leading provider of web hosting services in Nepal 🇳🇵. We combine high-speed performance, unparalleled uptime, and dedicated customer support, making our web hosting plans not only the most reliable but also the most affordable. With our commitment to 24/7 assistance and a variety of scalable solutions, ProtozoaHost is dedicated to delivering the best shared hosting, best WordPress hosting, and tailored services that grow with your needs.

How Does ProtozoaHost Keep My Website Online and Secure?

At ProtozoaHost, we prioritize your website's uptime and security as part of our commitment to offering the best web hosting in Nepal 🛡️. With our advanced hosting technologies, proactive monitoring, and regular updates, we ensure that your website is always online and performing optimally. Our security measures, including SSL certificates, daily backups, and cybersecurity protocols, protect your site from potential threats, ensuring a safe online experience for you and your visitors.

What Makes ProtozoaHost's Web Hosting Support 'Unparalleled' in Nepal?

The ProtozoaHost support team is renowned for providing exceptional customer service that is unmatched in the Nepali web hosting market. We are here for you 24/7, ready to offer expert guidance, technical assistance, and personalized support 🤝. Whether you need help setting up your website, managing your hosting account, or resolving a technical issue, our knowledgeable and friendly team is dedicated to ensuring your web hosting experience is seamless and satisfying.

What Email Capabilities Come with ProtozoaHost's Web Hosting Plans?

With ProtozoaHost's web hosting plans, you get robust email solutions that include domain-specific email accounts, anti-spam protection, and easy management through cPanel 📧. These features enable you to maintain professional communication channels with your customers and team, complete with the reliability and security you expect from the best web hosting provider in Nepal.

What Are the Differences Between Business Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Shared Hosting at ProtozoaHost?

ProtozoaHost offers diverse hosting plans to suit various needs. Shared Hosting is great for smaller sites, Cloud Hosting provides scalability, and Business Hosting caters to high-performance websites. Let us help you choose the right plan for your website in Nepal's online landscape.

Can I Easily Upgrade My Web Hosting Plan with ProtozoaHost If My Website Grows?

Absolutely! ProtozoaHost is all about flexibility and growth 📈. As your website attracts more traffic and your business expands, you can seamlessly upgrade to a plan that offers more resources, like our best WordPress hosting or business hosting plans. Our smooth transition process ensures that your website's performance remains high-quality and uninterrupted.

What Billing Cycles Does ProtozoaHost Offer for Its Web Hosting Services in Nepal?

ProtozoaHost understands that different businesses have different needs, which is why we offer a variety of billing cycles for our web hosting services 🗓️. Choose from monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, or even longer-term plans to find the option that best fits your financial planning and enjoy potential discounts on longer commitments.

If I Host My Website with ProtozoaHost in Nepal, Will I Be Able to Handle High Traffic Periods?

With ProtozoaHost's web hosting services, you can rest assured that your website can handle traffic surges with ease 🚦. Our hosting plans are designed to deliver high performance and speed, ensuring that your website remains responsive and accessible, even during peak periods. For websites that consistently see high traffic, we recommend considering our business hosting plans for even greater resource allocation and capabilities.

Is Migrating to ProtozoaHost's Web Hosting Services in Nepal Easy?

Migrating your website to ProtozoaHost is a breeze 🌬️. Our technical team in Nepal specializes in hassle-free migrations, ensuring that your website is transferred smoothly, securely, and without any data loss. We handle all the complexities so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

How Does ProtozoaHost Assure Me That I've Chosen the Best Web Hosting Service in Nepal?

At ProtozoaHost, your peace of mind is paramount. With our web hosting services, satisfaction is guaranteed 🔒. If you're not entirely satisfied within the trial period, we offer a refund, ensuring your confidence and security in choosing us. Remember, selecting the right web hosting service is crucial for online success, and ProtozoaHost is committed to providing the best solutions and support in Nepal. Whether it's a small personal project or a large e-commerce site, our hosting plans are tailored for your success.

Why Is Localized Support by ProtozoaHost Pivotal in Nepal's Web Hosting Arena?

ProtozoaHost prioritizes localized support in Nepal's web hosting market, catering to the unique needs of local businesses. With solutions tailored to the Nepali market and support available in local languages, we ensure quick responses and culturally relevant services. This personalized approach is crucial for Nepali businesses looking to grow online.

How Can Shared Hosting Propel My Business in the Context of Web Hosting in Nepal?

Shared hosting from ProtozoaHost is the ideal starting point for businesses entering Nepal's digital landscape. With ample resources and budget-friendly options, including top-notch WordPress hosting, businesses can establish a strong online presence without breaking the bank. As your trusted partner, ProtozoaHost ensures scalability and support for growth.

What Sets ProtozoaHost Apart in Nepal's Hosting Arena?

In Nepal's competitive web hosting scene, ProtozoaHost offers top-notch services at unbeatable prices. Renowned for our best shared and WordPress hosting, we prioritize quality without sacrificing affordability. With guaranteed uptime, robust security, and responsive local support, ProtozoaHost is the go-to choice for businesses in Nepal.

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