Unlimited - Terms Of Service

Our Unlimited Hosting Terms of Service clarify the terms and conditions for utilizing our unlimited hosting plans. It defines the scope of resources and usage allowed under these plans.

Unlimited Hosting - TOS

What “Unlimited” means:

At ProtozoaHost, “Unlimited” refers to the absence of set limitations on bandwidth, disk space, and the number of websites for personal or small business use, as long as it complies with our Agreement. However, if your usage poses a risk to server stability, performance, or uptime, we may require you to upgrade to a VPS or take necessary resource restriction measures.

What “Unlimited” DOES NOT mean:

ProtozoaHost’s “Unlimited” hosting is not intended for individual users to negatively impact others. Our shared hosting is designed for typical small to medium-sized businesses. It is not suitable for large enterprises or non-typical applications better suited for VPS or dedicated servers. We employ safeguards to ensure a consistent and quality experience for all users.

Unlimited Hosting Space; excessive SQL Database:

ProtozoaHost does not impose specific disk space limits, but our services are for hosting websites, not unlimited online storage, videos, images, etc. Prohibited activities may lead to account termination. Excessive database sizes may affect server performance, and we may request size reduction or disable the account if necessary.

Unlimited File Transfer:

We do not limit visitor traffic or content uploads in a given month, as long as it adheres to our Terms. In most cases, your website can handle legitimate traffic. However, we reserve the right to limit resources to prevent adverse effects on other users.

Unacceptable Resource Usage:

Certain activities like running specific cron entries or MySQL queries, using excessive system resources, or surpassing mailbox size limits are not allowed and may result in account consequences.

Note: The information provided above is for ProtozoaHost’s policies and terms.

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