Protozoahost, a renowned domain and hosting provider known for its outstanding customer support to conduct 3 days long event. Protozoahost is a Nepalese domain and hosting company established in 2019 to provide affordable hosting plans and the customer support that every customer deserves.The event named ‘Protozoahost Mahamela’ will start from the 4th of September till the 6th of September. The event aims to create economic, reliable, and easy access to hosting servers for tech enthusiasts where techies can experiment, run, and deploy their applications ranging from college projects, and portfolio websites, to business websites, corporate web applications, and many more to different hosting plans by the company. The offers by protozoahost during the event are as follows: 
  1. 100% discount for the first 10 members.
  1. 95% discount on 4th
  1. 80% discount on 5th
  1. 70% discount on 6th
PROMOCODE: PROTODAY3The above-mentioned discount offers will be valid for the following hosting plans listed on the website of Protozoahost.
  • Mini hosting plan
  • WordPress hosting plan
  • Python hosting plan
  • Node JS hosting plan
  • Business hosting plan
Each of these plans contains three different packages with different specifications and costs, you can choose as per your requirement. So what are you waiting for, sign up at Protozoahost so that you won’t miss the free offer starting at 12:00 AM on September 4th.