Hello Everyone, Protozoa Host offers best hosting for e-commerce web hosting, Linux web hosting and WordPress hosting services. Our shared hosting plans are built for performance at reliable rates. We strive to build a culture of integrity. All our interactions are honest, action-oriented, and decisive, whether they’re with a customer or a co-worker. We deliver authenticity and transparency in our promotions, the best prices on the market, and no unwanted upsells. We will never stop searching for the best ways to grow from our successes and learn from our failures. We empower people to confidently get their business online by delivering quality services at the most affordable price ever. We are committed to providing customer support like never before because “Your Hosting is Our Responsibility”.Welcome to the blog tutorial on purchasing web hosting from ProtozoaHost. Let’s begin with the packages mentioned on the website.

                1. Mini Hosting

            👉 Student Starter at Rs. 99.99/month
            👉 Startup Starter at Rs. 133.00/month
            👉 Economy Starter at Rs. 183.00/month

                2. Cheapest Web Hosting in Nepal

            👉 CS-01  at Rs. 39/month
            👉 CS-02 at 299/month
            👉 CS-03 at Rs. 499/month

                3. Business Hosting Plans

            👉 Student Starter at Rs. 499/month
            👉 Startup Starter at Rs. 999/month
            👉 Economy Starter at Rs. 1499/month

        4. WordPress Hosting Plan

            👉 WordPress Starter at Rs. 499/month
            👉 WordPress Basic at Rs. 999/month
            👉 WordPress Ultimate at Rs. 1499/month

                 5. Node.js Hosting Plan

            👉 Node.js Starter at Rs. 83.25/month
            👉 Node.js Basic at Rs. 166.59/month
            👉 Node.js Ultimate at Rs. 249.99/month

                 6. Python Hosting Plan

            👉 Python Starter at Rs. 83.25/month
            👉 Python Basic at Rs. 166.59/month
            👉 Python Ultimate at Rs. 249.99/month
First of all, you need to choose a hosting plan as per your requirement from the above-mentioned range of packages available with us. After selecting a plan, here is a step-by-step procedure to get your website live.

Step 1: Choosing the hosting plan

Once you finalized your hosting plan, click on Buy Now button at the bottom of the package, then you will get to the next page for selecting a domain.

Image showing selecting hosting planStep 2: Register New Domain, Transfer domain or Use your existing domain

Either register a new domain or transfer the domain to protozoahost or you can simply update nameservers to point to nameservers you get after ordering the hosting plan.
Here I am using my existing domain and updating the nameservers as follows:
Choosing domain

Step 3: Choose the Billing cycle for payment

The billing cycle can vary in different plans, some packages allow monthly billing whereas some plans allow as less as an annual billing cycle. I would like to pay annually as there are offers on paying annually. Then click continue.
Selecting billing cycle

Step 4: Enter Promo Code

Here you will see what you have selected for checkout, Review the package you selected and enter the promo code given by protozoahost for an additional discount.
Here I am applying the ‘PROTO30’ promo code for 30% off the annual payment amount.

Step 5: Login or Register a new account

After applying the promo code, your total amount on the right side will be reduced, then before doing checkout, you need to log in if you already have an account or register if you are new to protozoahost. Here I am signing up, as I don’t have an account and I am new to Protozoahost. After filling all the required information, click register.
On the same page, you will get an option to choose the payment method, here I am choosing esewa, as I have funds in my esewa account.
Then after choosing the payment method, I toggled on the receive emails so that I would get promotional emails from time to time. Thanks to protozoahost, there is a note that I can write while ordering, so I am asking the protozoahost support team to guide me on setting up the website. Then clicked checkout.

Step 6: Payment

After clicking checkout, I got an option to choose payment method again, here I chose khalti as I had more funds in my khalti account. Then I clicked pay now.

Step 7: Waiting for approval 

After clicking on pay now, I was redirected to log in to the khalti account and pay. I transferred the amount to be paid, and the order was placed. After a few minutes, the order was approved and I got all the login credentials required.
You are all set, thank you for being with me till here.