Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) ensures responsible use of resources in hosting packages, including unlimited options. It prohibits illegal activities, abusive scripts, and excessive file storage. The FUP is in place to maintain optimal performance and fairness for all users.


Protozoahost Networks offers hosting packages that come with various resource options, including limited or unlimited disk space and other resources like data transfer, email accounts, and databases. To ensure fair usage of these resources, Protozoahost has a Fair Use Policy in place, which applies to shared and reseller hosting plans with “Unmetered/Unlimited” data transfer or storage capacity.

The term “Unlimited” or “Unmetered” means that Protozoahost allows you to create large websites without worrying about any upper limit. You can add as much content as you need, and the company will accommodate your resource usage accordingly. However, this unlimited usage is subject to appropriate usage and compliance with certain constraints.

You are responsible for using the services in a lawful manner, and illegal activities such as transmitting prohibited material or hosting copyrighted content without proper authorization are strictly forbidden. Protozoahost also prohibits abusive scripts or processes that negatively affect the experience of other customers.

The web-server provided by Protozoahost is optimized for website-related files, and it is not intended for mass file storage like cloud services. You should avoid storing unrelated files and use appropriate online storage solutions for large-scale data backups.

The “Unlimited” offering is intended for legitimate website owners who use the service responsibly. Protozoahost reserves the right to take action against any misuse or violation of its policies.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these fair usage policies, you can contact Protozoahost at “[email protected]”.

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